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Our unique Pay As You Go billing puts you in full control, host your websites on the latest cloud tech, with huge resources and not so huge bills!
hosting features

Every website you host gets..

100% SSD Storage

Limitless Web Space

We use 100% SSD storage across the entire data center, and not just any SSD, every single drive is Samsung branded.
Traffic? No problem

Limitless Bandwidth

We dont restrict bandwidth on any of our hosting accounts, so there's never any overage costs for you.
Zero data loss

Backup/Restore Tools

One click backup and restore of your databases and files, always be able to create backups.
One click ssl

LetsEncrypt SSL

Install LetsEncrypt SSL certificates automatically within seconds using our one click installer.
awesome compute performance

Full Cloud Access

Every website gets full access to the entire cloud's compute and memory resources for pure performance.
rock solid uptime

Uptime Guarantee

With no single point of failure downtime is rare, if you get less than 99.99% we will compensate you for every 0.01%.
fortified defences

1 Tbps+ DDoS Shield

Our cloud is covered by a 1TB per second anti DDoS system, attacks dont cost you anything, not even downtime!
wordpress specific features

WP Staging

Choose between 3 platforms, one click gets you a full WordPress staging environment for easy updates.
anti-virus tools

Malware Scanning

Every day your webspace is scanned for malicious code, if found, advice is provided.
ultimate (easy) control

cPanel, MyCP

If you love cPanel then this is the next big thing, its slicker, simpler and more advanced. Don't believe us? try it!.
easy, free moves

Free, Rapid Migration

Our in house tools handle large migrations for you, while you sit back and concentrate on your business.
hosting features

Multiple Platforms

Got a WordPress site? Put it onto our WordPress platform, anything else? Use Linux or even Windows.
Designed for Speed & Reliability

Built on powerhouse tech

Our datacenter is custom built using the absolute best tech we can get our hands on, and its connected by partners we all know and love.
platform features

Our cloud platform..

WHMCS Provisioning

Drop our free WHMCS module in and start selling hosting in minutes at the lowest prices available.

Google DNS

Our DNS platform is built on the same infrastructure as Google, a global fibre network leads the industry.

DDoS Shield

Your site is behind state of the art DDoS protection, we also have upstream line access to close down threats.
Consistent, reliable support

Help is at hand

Our customers consistently rate our support chats as 'amazing' or 'great', this level of communication is what we strive for.
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