$100 Cloud Credit

If you are a digital agency registered in the US just sign up and we will load your account with free starter credit so you can test out the service 100% risk free.

Built For Freelancers and Digital Agencies

No 'off the shelf' solutions here, our data center is custom built from the ground up with technology that is unique to us
Awesome global load times

The latest technology and Google DNS deliver an industry leading 0.25 second average load time.

3 platforms, 1 price

The first shared cloud hosting company in the world to offer cross platform hosting within a single price plan.

Team support

Share hosting packages with team members, leaving the rest of your packages safe and secure.

Scale up to millions of visits

Our fully load balanced cloud means there's no strain on resources and no compromise on site speed.

Every Feature Included as Standard

All of our plans include every single feature here.

Globally Trusted

Customers in
29 countries
A shared cloud delivering
50k + sites
Average site load time
0.25 seconds
Migrations Screen

Real Time Support. No Tickets.

Myself and support engineers are in front of you at all times via live chat and integrated email. We are never out of touch with you.

On Demand Coding Support

Book one of our engineers at special rates to assist with PHP, Node.js, JS, React, Dev Ops and more, on demand and by the hour, no lengthy contracts!

Works Well With These..

The platform supports many frameworks and multiple languages, including these bad boys

Laravel Framework

Laravel is supported, run composer directly from the command line, all required PHP modules are active.


We have an entirely customised platform specifically for WordPress, providing the perfect environment.


Install this ecommerce powerhouse with a single click, and leverage our scaling to grow.