Built For Freelancers and Digital Agencies

No 'off the shelf' solutions here, our data center is custom built from the ground up with technology that is unique to us
Awesome global load times

The latest technology and Google DNS deliver an industry leading 0.25 second average load time.

3 platforms, 1 price

The first shared cloud hosting company in the world to offer cross platform hosting within a single price plan.

Team support

Share hosting packages with team members, leaving the rest of your packages safe and secure.

Scale up to millions of visits

Our fully load balanced cloud means there's no strain on resources and no compromise on site speed.


Feature Packed

Harness the power of our industry leading, mobile first control panel


Globally Trusted

Customers in
21 countries
A shared cloud delivering
50k + sites
Average site load time
0.25 seconds

Great (live) support

Jonny Kermode

"Superb service.."

Superb service and customer support. A great partner for my design agency.

Shivam Kumar

"Knowledgeable customer support.."

Amazing Service, knowledgeable customer support, ease of use, great cpanel, amazing server stability.

Michał Krawczyk

"My first impressions are top notch.."

I was shocked by the offer, and after few hours the shock was even bigger when it turned out that it's real. My first impressions are top notch, and will migrate onto this platform for sure. Great, outstanding job!

Marc Quinn

"..the best customer service.."

Literally the best customer service for a web host I've ever had. They had free migrations & were with me every step of the way. Also free SSL, SSH, & 10 sites. All that for the price I paid is the best value I've ever received. HIGHLY recommend!

Lahiru Mahagamage

"Really helpful.."

Really helpful and Gives a lot of options to develop with.


"Discovery of the year!"

Excellent support, awesome offer, super fast response times :)! Discovery of the year!

George Osei-Oppong Junior

"Excellent customer service"

Highly responsive with excellent customer service.

Abe Niang

"I love these guys!"

Great host, very reasonably priced, very fast, plenty of resources & awesome support!