Yes! Its ideal for your digital agency, in fact we do have a number of agencies on board already!

Yes! You can cancel at any time, and we will refund any unused time on your account without question.

If you want the best performance for your WordPress website, we’d recommend our WordPress Hosting. It’s optimised to ensure WordPress works at its absolute best.

We also provide Linux hosting which can be used for WordPress. But it won’t benefit from the exclusive performance optimisation that you get with our Cache plugin.

We accept all major credit cards.

Our control panel allow you to automatically migrate your website from any hosting provider with just a single click. Our team is also available to offer assistance when needed.

Yes. We provide 3 platforms from which you can select. WordPress, Linux and Windows. In addition, our Linux platform supports 80+ auto app install, including WordPress, Laravel and many more.

Yes. We offer free website builder to our Linux Platform users and there’s no limit to the number of pages that you can build with this.

Yes, upgrading or downgrading is quick and easy and can be done any time from within our control panel. All your website files can be downloaded for easy migration or backups.

Use our free Migration Centre to transfer all website files, databases and email from any provider using cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Heart Internet and Fasthosts. Simply enter the credentials of your provider and choose which packages you’d like to migrate. The migration will complete automatically.

We have multiple data centres in the UK and the USA. You can choose between having your website(s) hosted in the UK or USA using our change location form. We also have our free CDN, which will store copies of your public site content at data centres around the world. So your website will load quickly – for everyone!


Yes, we’ve got you covered. Daily automated backups come free with all our paid web hosting packages. You can also create backups whenever you like using the simple backup tool in your dashboard. You can restore from any point in the last 30 days.


We host some of the busiest sites in the world - so you won’t have any worries there! Our self-built platform grows with your website and business. It ‘autoscales’ - meaning that even if your site receives a sudden spike in traffic, it will be able to handle it.

The magic comes from our load-balancers. They’re constantly monitoring all requests to our network. When a website receives a large number of hits it’s quickly isolated and moved to its own dedicated backend. This keeps your business running quickly at the most critical of times, but also means that your neighbours on our shared hosting aren’t affected by your spikes in traffic.

Absolutely! It’s perfect for business, small or large. Whether you want to make money from home, run an online business as a second job, or become the next Bezos, we have a hosting plan suitable for you. Our hosting is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant and includes a range of security features, all as standard.

You don’t have to be tied in to any long-term contracts, so you can upgrade should you need more websites or need more resource. Our Linux hosting is our most versatile hosting, because you can use any of the major content management systems.

SSD stands for ‘Solid State Disk’: a form of storage that doesn't have any moving parts. Traditionally, the hosting industry has used HDD (Hard Disk Drive) for its storage solutions, which does have moving parts. In fact, a lot of hosts still use them.

Because SSD drives don't have any moving parts SSD hosting can process information much quicker than their HDD counterparts and are much more reliable.

Some hosts try to save money by only using SSD hosting for their cache. This lets them advertise that they use SSD, when in fact if someone visits an uncached page they hit the much slower HDD drive.

At Hyper Host, all our customers are hosted using the latest top-spec Samsung SSD drives. It's one of the reasons why we’re a fast web host.

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