the big guys dont compare, because i wont let them

£500 of hosting credit if you find a better deal

I offer pure cloud hosting solutions that out perform the multi national companies, which is not difficult, because they always put money first. Im open and honest to all of my customers, and you'll find my full disclosure on Indie Hackers
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With no bounty payout!

Easy money?

How to take part

All you need to do to take part is find a cloud hosting provider that matches what we offer, for less, and the £500 credit is yours!
Terms and conditions

I believe our pricing vs product spec is second to none, and i'm interested to see if that can be proven wrong, so im offering a bounty of £500 hosting credit to the first person who finds a competitor of Hyper Host that's cheaper - thats right, all you need to do is find a cheaper provider with the same features (or closest equivelant) and £500 of credit is yours :) The first person to find the supplier (if they exist) will take the bounty.

The bounty will be paid if the competitor provides the following features at the lower price (not including introductory and promo pricing)

All of the features must be provided within the price that's being matched against us.

  • Unlimited enterprise only SSD storage (no cheap SSD drives)
  • Unlimited premium bandwidth
  • At least 1Tb/s anti DDoS protection
  • Unlimited free SSL certs
  • PCI DSS Certified web space as standard
  • WordPress Staging Environments
  • Unlimited cloud compute and memory access
  • Rest API and full white label control panels
  • At least one free public SDK for there API (PHP for example)
  • It must be an actual company, registered with a government body (e.g Ltd for UK)
Found one?

Send your providers to, all providers will be checked within 48 hours, and good luck!! :)

Entries submitted so far

Supplier Price (1 Site) Price (5 Sites) Price (10 Sites) Price (100 Sites) Storage Compute API DDOS
Us £4.99 £8.99 £16.99 £34.99 Limitless Limitless Included Included
Kinsta $36 $120 $240 $1,440 Restricted Restricted Restricted ?
WPEngine $35 $115 $290 $custom Restricted Restricted Restricted ?
Pantheon $50 $175 $1,000 $1,000+ Restricted Restricted ? ?
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