Which platform will my website be migrated-to?

2018-10-14 00:38:15
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    The Hyper Host Migration Centre intelligently detects whether your website is Linux or Windows, and automatically migrates it to the correct plaform. You can move between all of our Linux, WordPress and Windows Platforms using the 'Platform Transfer' icon inside Dashboard. Before performing a migration to the WordPress platform, please note the following conditions: WordPress must be installed in the website root - inside the "public_html" folder The WordPress install (including all plugins and themes) must be PHP 7 compatible The webspace must not contain any software or code that does not belong to WordPress Any subdomains or additional domains must be pointing to the same WordPress install - configured as a WordPress Network (Multisite). A Platform Transfer will also cause the DNS records on our nameservers to be reset to ensure the package points towards Hyper Host services. You'll need to reconfigure any external DNS records after the Platform Transfer completes.

    11 months ago
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