I can’t connect via ftp, what can i do?

2018-10-14 00:38:15
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    There a few common reasons why you may not be able to connect successfully via FTP. If you’ve not switched the nameservers to point to Hyper Host, you’ll need to use a different hostname to connect via FTP: For Linux and Windows, you can use: ftp.stackcp.com For WordPress you can use: wordpressftp.stackcp.com If you’ve made any DNS changes you need to make sure that you have a CNAME from ftp.yourdomain.com to ftp.stackcp.com. Without this CNAME you won’t be able to connect using ftp.yourdomain.com. Please note: DNS changes usually take between 6-8 hours to propogate. Finally, make sure you are using the correct password! You’ll need to use the password that is located within the ‘FTP Details’ section on the package.

    8 months ago
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